Unicorn Paper Toy
Unicorn paper craft
(Unicorn, Pegasus, Pegacorn, Unisus)
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The magnificent beast we know as the unicorn has fascinated people for ages. Is it the beauty of such a gorgeous animal or the wonderful magical powers it's horn possesses? Who knows, my version on the other hand is fat. I am not the first person to make a picture of a fat horse. Even some of the earliest paintings of a horse was depicted as fat. 15,000-10,000 BC the horse cave painting in Lascaux, France is quite plump. There are also very old Chinese paintings of stout and pudgy horses. One of the most famous cartoons "What's Opera Doc?" Warner Bros. 1957 has Bugs Bunny riding in on a really obese horse. I thought it would be very funny to make a paper toy of a fat unicorn. This template not only contains the Unicorn, but also a Pegasus. If you do not add the horn but the wings instead you would get a Pegasus.
There has been talk and speculation if these two animals were real and ever mated would they produce a Pegacorn or a Unisus? Both creatures would be a horse with the horn of a Unicorn and the wings of a Pegasus. Enjoy this paper toy. Print out 3 copies and create all 3 creatures.
Note: Cut out pink circle on horses head to fit the Horn. For the Pegasus, glue the wings right at the back where the neck and back meet.

Notes to keep in mind:
Make sure you are having fun.

-Take your time.
-Have extra craft knife blades handy. It is always best to cut with a sharp blade.
-Cut rounded parts with scissors and straight parts with craft knife.
-When scoring be careful not to score to deep and cut all the way through the model.
-Using the left over excess pieces of paper add a little glue to a piece of paper and use another piece to spread the glue.
-Use a stick for gluing hard to reach areas. I normally hold pieces together for 10-15 seconds.
-Tip: I spray my Paper Toys with Deft Clear Wood Finish Spray. It is a clear lacquer spray. Please test it on a scrap printout first. You would not want to spend all the time putting together a toy, then spray it and have the ink smear. If your printer ink does not run, spray it with 1 coat before cutting out and 1 coat after you have put it together.